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I desided to do a picture of Santa Monica Beach because it’s my favorite beach. Then I did homer with the donute because I didn’t really know what to do. I did the one with the cartoons because they don’t belong together. The Jim Morrison one was the sample one but I really like that picture. The picture I picked was The Strokes one because I wanted that on to be my stencil and they are one of my favorite bands.


I didn’t really have a motivation in making todays stencil I just chose something random to work on because I didn’t know wat to do.

Other ideas that I still want to explore is more combining of images.

 I feel stringly about how it make out. It was pretty easy to do. I love the image that was given to us. I don’t hate anything about it. I would like use another image I like of him thats better. 

Graffi is a form of art an expersion. You in encounter it every where you go and there are many differnt forms of it. Anyone can create graffiti but not all of it should be considered art, well at least I don’t. I don’t consider names of gang and crew an art just images. It’s is a crime unless you get permintion to do it. It impacts the community because everyone sees it. It could be in a bad way on an artistic way.

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The Grand Place Brussels, Zooey Deschanel, and Cheshire Cat.

Zooey Deshanel is a very beautiful women. One day she walked down the street she saw something that grabbed her attention. She desided to follow it and didn’t seem to get tired. As she went on wondering what she was following she felt happiness.

She went threw a hallway she had never seen before. As she followed the path more she walked threw a garden covered in flowers. But what grabbed her attention most was a lake. She desided to go in it as she went in it she descovered the Cheshire cat. He was friendly and went over to her. When she touched his hand they ended up in The grand Place Brussels. She really liked it and desided to stay to live there. The end.